Myanmar: Crossing the Border to Thailand

                            After just about recovering in Bagan, it was time for my killer journey over to Thailand. Winner arranged at 13,000 kyat sleeper bus to Yangon which included pick up. It left at 7pm, arriving in Yangon around 5ish the next day. … Continue reading Myanmar: Crossing the Border to Thailand

Myanmar: The Sloooooow Train to Inle

There are two options for heading to Inle Lake from Yangon. Option 1 is to take the relatively comfortable and fast bus. Option 2 is to take a 24 hour train journey through far-flung Burmese destinations on the ricketiest train known to man. Naturally, I went for the second option. I was opting for the mammoth train … Continue reading Myanmar: The Sloooooow Train to Inle

Myanmar: The Adventure Begins

It was with a heavy heart and slightly hungover head that I waved goodbye to Hong Kong, with its dazzling blue skies making it look as fantastic as ever, as if it didn't need to make me feel any worse for leaving. That said, I was faced with a much more exciting prospect than returning … Continue reading Myanmar: The Adventure Begins