Yunnan: Holidays are Kunming…

Kunming is one of the cheapest destinations to reach by air from Hong Kong and yet also provides a springboard to one of China's most incredible provinces. I had originally booked to visit this area last Spring and, after that fell through, Yunnan province became an itch I really needed to scratch. I never thought … Continue reading Yunnan: Holidays are Kunming…

Kazakhstan: Turk on Me

Despite being Kazakhstan's third city, not many tourists venture to Shymkent to sightsee in the city itself (in fact I don't think many tourists venture there at all). Instead it is used as a base to visit nearby Turkistan which has much more to satisfy the average sightseer. In my original plan way back when, … Continue reading Kazakhstan: Turk on Me

Monday Memory: Bagan

It doesn't matter what country you're in, what job you're doing or who you're with, Mondays across the world are met with the same reaction. So I like to take the opportunity to remember happier times. Each week I'll share a travel memory which was most likely taken on a Tuesday or a Thursday or … Continue reading Monday Memory: Bagan

Sri Lanka: Jaffna Cake

After spending a few days in Colombo, I wanted to move onto the North and headed up to Jaffna, a city which just 6 years ago was in a state of civil war, though you'd hardly be able to tell. I was shocked to find that every train out of Colombo was full for the … Continue reading Sri Lanka: Jaffna Cake

Java: Temple Run

Most people would probably take a day or two to recover after climbing a volcano but I decided it would be a good idea to press on, grabbing a 17 hour sleeper bus from Banyuwangi to the Central Javanese city of Yogyakarta. At just 110,000 IDR, I was definitely getting value for money and the … Continue reading Java: Temple Run

Cambodia: Reaping the Rewards

There couldn't have been a greater contrast between the Myanmar-Thailand border and the Thailand-Cambodia border at Poipet. My day started early with me grabbing a 48 baht (£1) train from Bangkok to Aranyaprathet, a town a few km away from the border. The train chugged away at 5.55am and was a long 6-7 hour ride, … Continue reading Cambodia: Reaping the Rewards

Myanmar: The Baganning of the End

It's pretty easy to get from Mandalay to Bagan and Mama was happy to arrange a minibus for me. The 6 hour journey costs 9000 kyat and my bus included free pick ups from/to my hotels at both ends. I hadn't booked my Bagan accommodation but decided to go for Winner Guesthouse as it's midway … Continue reading Myanmar: The Baganning of the End