Singapore to Malaysia: The Crossing from Hell

Perhaps it was apt that my day started as a study of animal nature, since the nighttime provided an insight into the cruelty (and stupidity) of human nature. Following my visit to Singapore Zoo, my intention was to cross the border over to Malaysia, grabbing a bus to the nearby city of Johor Bahru from … Continue reading Singapore to Malaysia: The Crossing from Hell

Singapore: Embracing my Inner Child

Something I was incredibly excited about in Singapore was visiting its renowned zoo. Cited as one of, if not the, best in the world, it's an interactive and ethical mish-mash of animals from across the globe. Visiting a zoo reminded me of the family days out of old (though Chester's not a patch on Singapore) … Continue reading Singapore: Embracing my Inner Child

Emergency Stop in Singapore

I was really buzzing about my trip to Singapore. Despite having an absolute blast in the likes of Myanmar and Cambodia, I was really missing the big city vibe I had fallen in love with in Hong Kong so couldn't wait to touch down. As it happened, my arrival in Singapore was about as high … Continue reading Emergency Stop in Singapore