Philippines: Bacolod and the Airport Run

I just needed a quick hop over to Bacolod in the north of Negros so I could catch my flight to Manila (ugh) and then back to Hong Kong. I managed to share Driftwood's boat with some other travellers back to Sipalay so it wasn't as expensive. In Sipalay, head towards the market/shops and the … Continue reading Philippines: Bacolod and the Airport Run

Philippines: Puerto Princesa

I wasn't taking any chances. My flight to Puerto Princesa was at 5.20am on 28th December. I arrived at Ninoy Airport at 9pm on 27th December. A gruelling 8 hour wait awaited me in an airport whose Wi-Fi takes slow to whole new levels. But I didn't care. I was leaving Manila and it'd be … Continue reading Philippines: Puerto Princesa

Philippines: The Ferry that (almost) stole Christmas

As I write this, darkness is falling on 24th December and all Filipinos are getting ready for Christmas. People are singing in the streets, wishing each other a pleasant festive season or boogying to a bit of videoke. I should be writing this post from Boracay, sinking my toes into the sand of the White … Continue reading Philippines: The Ferry that (almost) stole Christmas

Philippines: Nothing Vanilla about Manila

The day was finally here! The last week hadn't been fun. After finishing my final essay over the weekend, I was literally counting down the minutes until I jetted off to the Philippines for my Christmas holiday. The flight from Hong Kong was ludicrously quick - around 1 hour 50 minutes to Manila. It's crazy … Continue reading Philippines: Nothing Vanilla about Manila