Yunnan: A Bit of TLG, Day 2

I awoke on Boxing Day after a lush sleep at Halfway Guesthouse along Tiger Leaping Gorge. I didn't have chance to mention my accommodation in the other post. Halfway has mixed reviews but I'd highly recommend it - I had a great stay here. A dorm room costs just ¥40 a night (with the most … Continue reading Yunnan: A Bit of TLG, Day 2

Yunnan: A Bit of TLG, Day 1

This was it. This was the big one. Hiking Tiger Leaping Gorge, the deepest gorge in the world, was one of my main motivations for visiting Yunnan province. It had been on my radar ever since a friend mentioned it to me over a year ago and now finally, on Christmas Day, I was heading … Continue reading Yunnan: A Bit of TLG, Day 1

Yunnan: Exploring Lijiang

My Christmas Eve plans seem destined to go awry. Three years ago on Christmas Eve in the Philippines I missed my ferry to Boracay and ended up stranded in Manila with nowhere to go. Last year I spent the entire day stuck on a veeeery long sleeper bus from Chiang Rai to Luang Prabang. This … Continue reading Yunnan: Exploring Lijiang

Yunnan: Ye Olde Lijiang

(Apologies for the lack of posts lately - real life has got in the way!) I've heard pretty scathing indictments of long haul bus travel across Yunnan and of course trains are my favourite way to cruise anyway so it made sense to take one of the many trains from Kunming to the mountainous town … Continue reading Yunnan: Ye Olde Lijiang