Monday Memory: Kuching

It doesn't matter what country you're in, what job you're doing or who you're with, Mondays across the world are met with the same reaction. So I like to take the opportunity to remember happier times. Each week I'll share a travel memory which was most likely taken on a Tuesday or a Thursday or … Continue reading Monday Memory: Kuching

Borneo: Kerching!

The gorgeous Borneo sunshine hit me as I landed in the "city of cats" the day before the big event. Kuching is a great city in itself. Poised around a huge riverfront, it's a laid back city with great charm and character. The people are friendly, the architecture great and it feels a million miles … Continue reading Borneo: Kerching!

Borneo: Sounds of the Forest

After spending weeks saying I'd go straight to Indonesia after getting my passport back, I met someone in Penang who told me of an awesome event going on in Borneo just after I got my new passport. I'd never heard of Rainforest Music Festival but apparently it's one of the top 25 festivals in the … Continue reading Borneo: Sounds of the Forest