Java: Hitching a ride to Bandung

Following Borobodur, I went off to get my bus to Bandung in the east of the island. I had intended to get the train due to the fact I had missed out on several train journeys already on this trip. However, many of the seats had already sold out and only the expensive ones remained. … Continue reading Java: Hitching a ride to Bandung

Java: Temple Run

Most people would probably take a day or two to recover after climbing a volcano but I decided it would be a good idea to press on, grabbing a 17 hour sleeper bus from Banyuwangi to the Central Javanese city of Yogyakarta. At just 110,000 IDR, I was definitely getting value for money and the … Continue reading Java: Temple Run

Java: Hot Stuff

For some reason it hadn't really occurred to me to do a volcano climb when in Indonesia. I'd planned mainly for just beaches and relaxation but when I heard about how spectacular some of the volcanoes in Java were, I sacrificed the Bali beaches and headed over to take on one of these bad boys. … Continue reading Java: Hot Stuff