Jaipur: The Pink City

My bus to Jaipur wasn't until 11.30am and there wasn't anything else I wanted to see in Agra (to be honest, I just wanted to leave) so I was able to have a relaxed start to the day. Because I was the only guest in the hotel, I was able to have a later check-out … Continue reading Jaipur: The Pink City

India: Fatehpur Sikri – The Long Way Round

I had two main objectives today: first was to sort out my transport to Jaipur for tomorrow and second was to make it to Fatehpur Sikri. I achieved them both, though the latter came with an assortment of obstacles, which seems to have been a recurring theme during this trip. I'd looked on the RTSRC … Continue reading India: Fatehpur Sikri – The Long Way Round

India: Desert Trekking in Jaisalmer

I hate the term 'must do' when I visit a place. I don't really like people telling me I 'must do' this or 'must see' that when I go somewhere because travelling is such a personal thing. However, when I was in Jaisalmer, Rajasthan earlier this year, I indulged in one of these must-dos - … Continue reading India: Desert Trekking in Jaisalmer

Delhi: Lotus Temple & Qutub Minar

On my final day in Delhi, I was planning on using the HOHO bus to explore a few of the sites which were a little further out of the city. I'd say it's definitely worth the effort as these two sites were stunning and I think they're both easily accessible via the metro (Kalkaji Mandir … Continue reading Delhi: Lotus Temple & Qutub Minar

Delhi: The Tombs of Humayun & Safdarjang

As I was on HOHO, I'm not sure how accessible this place is for people looking round Delhi. Research tells me that the nearest metro station is 2km away and it might be quite pricey to get a tuk-tuk from Central Delhi to here. But what I will say is that if you make the … Continue reading Delhi: The Tombs of Humayun & Safdarjang

Delhi: Red Fort & Raj Ghat

As I was setting up the blog, I wasn't really sure what the best way to set things out was - should I do it in sights, days, experiences? I've decided to split it into sights/experiences so it's easier to find things you're looking for, but things might overlap and I'll intertwine tourist sights with … Continue reading Delhi: Red Fort & Raj Ghat