Kazakhstan: Astana & the World Expo

After a surprisingly enjoyable 24 hour train journey, I emerged at Astana's train station to warm sunshine and a clear blue sky, even at 7am. There are buses that run to the centre from just outside the train station and I jumped on one which stopped just 5 minutes from my hostel, Nomads4x4. Buses in … Continue reading Kazakhstan: Astana & the World Expo

Macedonia: Skopjing It Out

Because Kosovo is so small, the bus ride from Pristina to Macedonia's capital, Skopje, takes only about 2.5 hours. There are regular buses (just about every hour) from Pristina to Skopje and you can buy a ticket from Pristina bus station on the day of travel for €5.50. Ths bus wasn't even half full on the … Continue reading Macedonia: Skopjing It Out

The Budapest to Belgrade Train

Getting a train ticket from Budapest to Belgrade is so easy that it makes me wonder why more people don't make the leap from Hungary to the Balkans. The ticket can be bought online or head to the international ticket office at Budapest Keleti station. You have to get a ticket and wait for your … Continue reading The Budapest to Belgrade Train

Bucharest: The Last Leg

It really was a weird feeling to be taking the train into my final country after 3 and a half months of travelling and 13 months of being abroad. It was quite fitting that I made the journey from Bulgaria to Romania by train, given it's my favourite way to travel and I had been … Continue reading Bucharest: The Last Leg

Borneo: Sounds of the Forest

After spending weeks saying I'd go straight to Indonesia after getting my passport back, I met someone in Penang who told me of an awesome event going on in Borneo just after I got my new passport. I'd never heard of Rainforest Music Festival but apparently it's one of the top 25 festivals in the … Continue reading Borneo: Sounds of the Forest

Myanmar: The Baganning of the End

It's pretty easy to get from Mandalay to Bagan and Mama was happy to arrange a minibus for me. The 6 hour journey costs 9000 kyat and my bus included free pick ups from/to my hotels at both ends. I hadn't booked my Bagan accommodation but decided to go for Winner Guesthouse as it's midway … Continue reading Myanmar: The Baganning of the End

Mandalay: A Mexican’s Favourite City

My super luxurious JJ Express bus from Nyaungshwe, complete with complimentary water, blanket and dinner (14,000 kyat from Odyssey Travel) pulled into Mandalay's bus station two hours earlier than expected which meant I arrived on the outskirts of Mandalay at 3am. A horde of motorcycle taxi drivers were waiting for me (though, unlike in other … Continue reading Mandalay: A Mexican’s Favourite City

Macau: A Taste of Europe…

It's a time of great transition in Hong Kong at the moment. The weather's slowly changing - we're getting more grey, rainy days and less clear blue skies. On top of that, the streets are packed and the decorations are up in time for the Chinese event of the year. Indeed, the Year of the … Continue reading Macau: A Taste of Europe…

Philippines: El Nada in El Nido

If the Philippines has taught me anything it's to expect the unexpected, more so than any other place I've been too. And this was probably best embodied in El Nido, a stunning paradise where I was to spend New Year. Sun, sea, sand, island hopping and relaxation awaited me. The reality was very different. Someone … Continue reading Philippines: El Nada in El Nido

Philippines: White Christmas at Alaminos

After the stress of missing my Boracay ferry and being stranded in Batangas at 1am, coupled with the really gutting feeling that I wouldn't be visiting the one place I'd revolved my whole Philippines trip around, I needed a good Christmas. To be honest, I'd have settled for spending Christmas anywhere other than Manila, so … Continue reading Philippines: White Christmas at Alaminos