Kosovo: The Pristina Streets

After a few days in Belgrade, it was time to venture further off the beaten track and visit the newest country on the planet (though Scotland might soon nab that record). Kosovo declared independence in 2008 though it's only recognised by just over half the UN and neighbouring Serbia still deems it to be its … Continue reading Kosovo: The Pristina Streets

Serbia: A Whirlwind Tour of Belgrade

I only had a short time in Belgrade so the next day was basically a whistlestop tour of the main sights. Despite its unkempt look, there's a feeling Belgrade is trying to transform itself. There's a lot of development going on by the waterfront and a brilliant promenade to stroll down. Sitting over the city … Continue reading Serbia: A Whirlwind Tour of Belgrade

The Budapest to Belgrade Train

Getting a train ticket from Budapest to Belgrade is so easy that it makes me wonder why more people don't make the leap from Hungary to the Balkans. The ticket can be bought online or head to the international ticket office at Budapest Keleti station. You have to get a ticket and wait for your … Continue reading The Budapest to Belgrade Train