Beijing: Wonderwall

After deciding that today was a perfect day, I got all analytical and decided that a perfect day in the life of a traveller is not a day which goes perfectly. Today was stressful, frustrating and challenging but the fact it evoked those emotions is exactly what made it a perfect day. It was an … Continue reading Beijing: Wonderwall

Beijing: Summer Palace & Olympic Park

My second full day in Beijing involved me heading to the Haidan District to check out the revered Summer Palace. Situated right next to Beigongmen subway station, it's yet another huge space in Beijing, filled with massive lakes, plenty of Chinese architecture and loads of greenery. I chose the perfect day for it as the … Continue reading Beijing: Summer Palace & Olympic Park


The bullet train to Beijing didn't disappoint. Getting onto it required a lot of guesswork and vague recollections of Chinese characters as nothing in the station was in English. But, despite the station feeling more like an airport, I managed to find my train. I thought I'd walked into First Class rather than Economy as … Continue reading Beiwatch