Bosnia: Sara-yay-vo

I decided to take a detour into neighbouring Bosnia & Herzegovina (hereby referred to just as Bosnia because... laziness) after being in Croatia for a week. Unlike tourist heavy Croatia, Bosnia is still trying to shake off its chequered history. Indeed, for many people this is a country with a history of war. This is … Continue reading Bosnia: Sara-yay-vo

Australia: Peace at Last

After a trying few months, it was finally time to get back on the road again and hit a country which had eluded me for a while. Ever since I first moved to Hong Kong, I'd be saying I'd visit Australia, due to its relative closeness (still 8 hours!) to the Orient compared to the … Continue reading Australia: Peace at Last

Kyrgyzstan: Yurt Camp & Chill

With my trip so far being pretty active, I fancied a few days chilling somewhere peaceful and Kyrgyzstan's huge Issyk-Kul lake seemed the perfect place to do that. The lake is essentially split in two where tourism is concerned. The northern shore is filled with beach resorts and holidaying Russians whilst the southern shore is … Continue reading Kyrgyzstan: Yurt Camp & Chill

Kyrgyzstan: Cracking Karakol

One of Kyrgyzstan's premier hiking bases is the city of Karakol to the east of Issyk-Kul lake. Whilst it sits around the lake, it isn't a lakeside spot, instead popular for its accessible trekking routes and stunning scenery. It was easy to get a marshrutka from Bishkek's Western bus station. Karakol in Cyrillic is very … Continue reading Kyrgyzstan: Cracking Karakol

Kosovo: The Pristina Streets

After a few days in Belgrade, it was time to venture further off the beaten track and visit the newest country on the planet (though Scotland might soon nab that record). Kosovo declared independence in 2008 though it's only recognised by just over half the UN and neighbouring Serbia still deems it to be its … Continue reading Kosovo: The Pristina Streets

Serbia: A Whirlwind Tour of Belgrade

I only had a short time in Belgrade so the next day was basically a whistlestop tour of the main sights. Despite its unkempt look, there's a feeling Belgrade is trying to transform itself. There's a lot of development going on by the waterfront and a brilliant promenade to stroll down. Sitting over the city … Continue reading Serbia: A Whirlwind Tour of Belgrade

Wroclaw: Szczytnicki Park

Wroclaw's a very green city. The whole city is laid out really well with loads of green spaces, benches and cycle lanes. Sometimes it felt as if the whole city was cycling around. Considering it's not a major tourist destination, it's very pedestrian friendly which I appreciated. I tested this out by walking to the … Continue reading Wroclaw: Szczytnicki Park

Indonesia: The Chili Islands

Chilled out Kuta was the perfect way to start things off but I decided to go one step further by heading up to the definition of paradise - the Gilis. These three tiny islands just off Lombok have been captivating backpackers for around 20 years and many have found it impossible to leave. I was … Continue reading Indonesia: The Chili Islands

Myanmar: The Adventure Begins

It was with a heavy heart and slightly hungover head that I waved goodbye to Hong Kong, with its dazzling blue skies making it look as fantastic as ever, as if it didn't need to make me feel any worse for leaving. That said, I was faced with a much more exciting prospect than returning … Continue reading Myanmar: The Adventure Begins