Marrakech: Peace at Last

Luckily, like so many great cities, Marrakech does have places to escape the madness. Just 10 minutes walk outside of the walls, the Gueliz district has a particularly European feel about it. The Gueliz Plaza has an array of familiar shops and, even if you loathe shopping like I do, the fountains in front of … Continue reading Marrakech: Peace at Last

Morocco: Madness in Marrakech

Marrakech isn't the kind of getaway for those after peace and tranquility and nothing encompasses this better than the central square, Djemaa el Fna. I mentioned before how weird it is to have Koutoubia Mosque on the side of a bustling, crazy road but just past that main road, the craziness is ramped up a … Continue reading Morocco: Madness in Marrakech

Morocco: My First Taste of Africa

I did intend to update this blog sooner but things got in the way, then those things multiplied into other things and here we are in February. It's no bother, as I'm fresh back from my first venture into Africa after spending a week in the crazy city of Marrakech. I'm so used to jetting … Continue reading Morocco: My First Taste of Africa