Monday Memory: Jaffna

It doesn't matter what country you're in, what job you're doing or who you're with, Mondays across the world are met with the same reaction. So I like to take the opportunity to remember happier times. Each week I'll share a travel memory which was most likely taken on a Tuesday or a Thursday or … Continue reading Monday Memory: Jaffna

Sri Lanka: One Last Beach

It had been at least 2 or 3 weeks since I had laid on a beach doing absolutely nothing and, given the end of my trip was approaching and wintry England doesn't lend itself to beach bumming, I decided to make the most of Sri Lanka's gorgeous weather and headed to the east coast. From … Continue reading Sri Lanka: One Last Beach

Sri Lanka: Jaffna Cake

After spending a few days in Colombo, I wanted to move onto the North and headed up to Jaffna, a city which just 6 years ago was in a state of civil war, though you'd hardly be able to tell. I was shocked to find that every train out of Colombo was full for the … Continue reading Sri Lanka: Jaffna Cake

Colombo: From Lancashire to Lanka…

Even though I still had three weeks of travelling left, it still felt like the beginning of the end as I touched down in Sri Lanka. It was now September (so I was officially going home this month) and I was heading west again for the first time in a while. That being said, it … Continue reading Colombo: From Lancashire to Lanka…