England: The Way I Lake It

During my month-long visit back home to the UK, I tried to keep myself busy by having a few “tourist” trips to places I really wanted to visit in my own country. Top of that list was the Lake District. Despite living not too far from this natural wonder for most of my life, I … Continue reading England: The Way I Lake It

Monday Memory: York

It doesn't matter what country you're in, what job you're doing or who you're with, Mondays across the world are met with the same reaction. So I like to take the opportunity to remember happier times. Each week I'll share a travel memory which was most likely taken on a Tuesday or a Thursday or … Continue reading Monday Memory: York

we interrupt this broadcast to bring you… london

I thought I'd post this whilst it's fresh in my head and to break up all the posts about India. My imminent departure to Hong Kong for a year or so made me want to rediscover my home country and do some British touristy things so the past week has been filled with pub quizzes, … Continue reading we interrupt this broadcast to bring you… london