Hong Kong: The Expat Factor

The past month has been so weird - my first month as an 'official' expat (though my badge is yet to arrive) has been hectic, stressful and involved countless journeys up, down and across Hong Kong. Now I'm finally settled in my new/old home, it's only just dawning on me how wonderfully bonkers the past … Continue reading Hong Kong: The Expat Factor

5 Places to Escape Hong Kong

It's funny how you can move to a dynamic city that never sleeps then spend the whole time you're there finding places to 'get away' from it all and relax. I love the buzz of Hong Kong and I wouldn't swap the adrenalin rush I get when walking amongst its streets for anything. But sometimes … Continue reading 5 Places to Escape Hong Kong

Hong Kong to Guangzhou

Another 'reading' week, another week of very little reading. There was no time for studying - I still had one remaining entry on my Chinese visa. When I visited China back in October, I'd flown up to the capital but this time I was seeing the country using my favourite method of travel - train. … Continue reading Hong Kong to Guangzhou

Hong Kong: Big Buddha & The Peak

It wasn't all sunning ourselves on the beach when Little Jack's Little Mother came to visit last month. Not only did she take part in the Standard Chartered Hong Kong Half Marathon (and get a damn good time to boot) but I also managed to give her a whistle-stop tour of some of Hong Kong's … Continue reading Hong Kong: Big Buddha & The Peak

Hong Kong: Po Toi Island & Christmas

Winter┬áhas finally hit Hong Kong. The locals are dressing as if we're in the Arctic and there's a December chill in the air which means only one thing - Christmas is coming! Sadly, before my festivities can begin (in Asia's very own answer to Lapland, the Philippines no less!) I have to tie up various … Continue reading Hong Kong: Po Toi Island & Christmas

Hong Kong: Beach Hopping in Sai Wan

Life's been a bit more hectic recently, hence the lack of updates on the blog (though procrastination has come in the form of sprucing the site up and giving it a new look). I actually have to knuckle down and study for my degree (can you imagine?!). However, the allure of one of Hong Kong's … Continue reading Hong Kong: Beach Hopping in Sai Wan

Hong Kong: Hiking Again

Things have quietened down a bit now for me in Hong Kong as I've actually got to settle down and do what I came for (apparently it's studying; I beg to differ) but life is still eventful. I experienced my first ever Halloween in a foreign country this weekend, as well as a couple of … Continue reading Hong Kong: Hiking Again

Countdown: My Top 10 Buddhas…

Yesterday I headed over to the 10,000 Buddhas Monastery in Sha Tin in the New Territories. There truly is a weird and wonderful Buddha for every occasion. It was a tough call, but I've managed to narrow down my favourites down to a select few. So here are my best-loved Buddhas, from the celebrity dopplegangers … Continue reading Countdown: My Top 10 Buddhas…

Hong Kong: Wetland Park & Ha Pak Nai

As typhoon season came to an end, we had quite a bit of rotten weather at the end of last week, but it cleared over the weekend in time for my next trip. After visiting Lion Rock, I'd been on top of Hong Kong in one sense, now it was time to be on top … Continue reading Hong Kong: Wetland Park & Ha Pak Nai