Macedonia: Lake On Me

I always like blog posts about lakes since they give me the opportunity to use a whole series of terrible lake-based puns. There are obviously a whole wealth of lake related activities you can do in Ohrid, from boat rides to monastery visits to even nipping across the border to Albania if you fancy it. What … Continue reading Macedonia: Lake On Me

Macedonia: Having an Ohrid Time

It's described as the jewel of Macedonia's crown - the southern town of Ohrid certainly had a lot to live up to. I was incredibly excited about visiting this place, a picturesque town sitting on the edge of a gigantic lake just 3 hours away from the Macedonian capital of Skopje. Straddling the borders of … Continue reading Macedonia: Having an Ohrid Time

Skopje: Millennium Cross

One attraction you can't miss in Skopje, regardless of where you are in the city, is the Millennium Cross as it sits high above the city on Mount Vodno, visible from just about anywhere. At 66 ft, it's more than double the size of the Christ the Redeemer statue in Rio and is pretty darn … Continue reading Skopje: Millennium Cross

Macedonia: Skopjing It Out

Because Kosovo is so small, the bus ride from Pristina to Macedonia's capital, Skopje, takes only about 2.5 hours. There are regular buses (just about every hour) from Pristina to Skopje and you can buy a ticket from Pristina bus station on the day of travel for €5.50. Ths bus wasn't even half full on the … Continue reading Macedonia: Skopjing It Out

Kosovo: Germia Park

One of the biggest surprises for me in Kosovo was how staggeringly green it is. Even in the dishevelled streets of Pristina, you're surrounded by hills and mountains and, most notably, a large national park - Germia. Deciding that Pristina's bus system was too complicated for my delicate mind, I opted for the 45 minute … Continue reading Kosovo: Germia Park

Kosovo: The Pristina Streets

After a few days in Belgrade, it was time to venture further off the beaten track and visit the newest country on the planet (though Scotland might soon nab that record). Kosovo declared independence in 2008 though it's only recognised by just over half the UN and neighbouring Serbia still deems it to be its … Continue reading Kosovo: The Pristina Streets

Serbia: A Whirlwind Tour of Belgrade

I only had a short time in Belgrade so the next day was basically a whistlestop tour of the main sights. Despite its unkempt look, there's a feeling Belgrade is trying to transform itself. There's a lot of development going on by the waterfront and a brilliant promenade to stroll down. Sitting over the city … Continue reading Serbia: A Whirlwind Tour of Belgrade

The Budapest to Belgrade Train

Getting a train ticket from Budapest to Belgrade is so easy that it makes me wonder why more people don't make the leap from Hungary to the Balkans. The ticket can be bought online or head to the international ticket office at Budapest Keleti station. You have to get a ticket and wait for your … Continue reading The Budapest to Belgrade Train