5 Reasons to visit Battambang

Before I visited Cambodia, I had the usual sights in mind: Angkor Wat, the Killing Fields, possibly the southern beaches if the weather was good. A place that hadn't really been on my radar was the quaint city of Battambang in the North West (you can take the boy out of Warrington...) but it ended … Continue reading 5 Reasons to visit Battambang

Portugal: Th’Algarve

Were it not for the late October sunshine and the long beaches, Albufeira probably wouldn't be all that different from Northern England, certainly from the monopoly of 'Yorkshire restaurants' or 'home-cooked English grub' (what are they doing - flying it over?!). I think it's a place that has the potential to be unbearable during summer … Continue reading Portugal: Th’Algarve

Portugal: The Lisbon Life

There are few things that are more European than waking up in a cosy apartment on a cobbled street and wandering down to the local patisserie to grab breakfast. This was something I've barely experienced during my travels. My visits to Europe in the past have been fleeting and Asian pastries just don't┬ápack that same … Continue reading Portugal: The Lisbon Life

Bucharest: The Last Leg

It really was a weird feeling to be taking the train into my final country after 3 and a half months of travelling and 13 months of being abroad. It was quite fitting that I made the journey from Bulgaria to Romania by train, given it's my favourite way to travel and I had been … Continue reading Bucharest: The Last Leg