Lombok: Life’s a Beach

Life had been understandably quite stressful for me in recent weeks, but with a new camera and passport and a good while since any life-threatening disasters had happened to me, I was feeling much happier and ready to move onto my next destination. Indonesia was a place I'd wanted to visit for a long time, … Continue reading Lombok: Life’s a Beach

Borneo: Kerching!

The gorgeous Borneo sunshine hit me as I landed in the "city of cats" the day before the big event. Kuching is a great city in itself. Poised around a huge riverfront, it's a laid back city with great charm and character. The people are friendly, the architecture great and it feels a million miles … Continue reading Borneo: Kerching!

Borneo: Sounds of the Forest

After spending weeks saying I'd go straight to Indonesia after getting my passport back, I met someone in Penang who told me of an awesome event going on in Borneo just after I got my new passport. I'd never heard of Rainforest Music Festival but apparently it's one of the top 25 festivals in the … Continue reading Borneo: Sounds of the Forest

Malaysia: The Petronas Charm

After a less than impressive start to my time in Malaysia, it was only when I arrived in Kuala Lumpur that I started to feel like a proper traveller again. After an arduous bus ride from Langkwai, I was starting to view Malaysia as a bit of a warmer and slightly more tropical version of … Continue reading Malaysia: The Petronas Charm

Malaysia: Penang & Back Again

With no passport, no camera and Malaysia's police force being as useful as a chocolate teapot, it was fair to say my arrival in Penang was pretty tainted. It didn't take too long to get myself sorted though. With my elusive passport probably being used by my Malaysian doppelgänger, I enlisted the help of a … Continue reading Malaysia: Penang & Back Again

Singapore to Malaysia: The Crossing from Hell

Perhaps it was apt that my day started as a study of animal nature, since the nighttime provided an insight into the cruelty (and stupidity) of human nature. Following my visit to Singapore Zoo, my intention was to cross the border over to Malaysia, grabbing a bus to the nearby city of Johor Bahru from … Continue reading Singapore to Malaysia: The Crossing from Hell