South Korea: Seoul Searching

After being in group tours and excursions all day the day before, the solo traveller in me wanted to escape so I took on Seoul by myself, deciding it would be good to do a hike whilst I was here. My hike of choice was Bukhansan National Park, a huge national park in the middle of … Continue reading South Korea: Seoul Searching

South Korea: The DMZ & Cheonggyecheon

My first tourist excursion was to the Korean Demilitarised Zone (DMZ) on the border with North Korea. You can only visit in a tour group and normally have to give a few days' notice. We were quite late applying but still just about managed to get on a basic tour. Look at the different options … Continue reading South Korea: The DMZ & Cheonggyecheon

South Korea: Falling in Love with Seoul

I'd only been back in Hong Kong for 2 and a half days, so it was definitely time to pack my bags and head off again. I was very excited about this one. South Korea had been on my 'list' for sometime after hearing great things about it. I didn't think I'd have the time … Continue reading South Korea: Falling in Love with Seoul

Zhangjiajie Day 2 & 3: Of Monkeys and Men

I was surprised that my legs hadn't just dropped off after the previous day's intensive hike when I woke up for my second day at Zhangjiajie Forest Park. It was probably a good thing considering I still had two more days of hiking to go. I did intend to take the second day a bit … Continue reading Zhangjiajie Day 2 & 3: Of Monkeys and Men

Zhangjiajie Day 1: Not Lost, Just Wandering

Oh, how I'd missed sleeper trains! I slept pretty well underneath the thick blanket provided and, other than the bizarre switching on of all the lights in the early hours of the morning, the journey was very smooth. The last hour in particular is very scenic and the train had mostly emptied out so I … Continue reading Zhangjiajie Day 1: Not Lost, Just Wandering

Guangzhou: China’s Bronze

After accidentally locking my Airbnb host out her own flat (and being woken up by her frantic bangs on the door at 2am - sorry Kiki!), I had a much needed lie-in and then took the subway to the nearby city of Foshan (the first city-to-city subway - change to the GuanFo line at Xijang … Continue reading Guangzhou: China’s Bronze

Hong Kong to Guangzhou

Another 'reading' week, another week of very little reading. There was no time for studying - I still had one remaining entry on my Chinese visa. When I visited China back in October, I'd flown up to the capital but this time I was seeing the country using my favourite method of travel - train. … Continue reading Hong Kong to Guangzhou