Philippines: Bacolod and the Airport Run

I just needed a quick hop over to Bacolod in the north of Negros so I could catch my flight to Manila (ugh) and then back to Hong Kong. I managed to share Driftwood's boat with some other travellers back to Sipalay so it wasn't as expensive. In Sipalay, head towards the market/shops and the … Continue reading Philippines: Bacolod and the Airport Run

Philippines: Paradise in Sipalay

The direct bus to Sipalay may well exist but it didn't materialise at any point during the two hours I waited at Dumaguete Bus Terminal. Instead, I had to take┬áthree buses which was fairly easy. You first take a bus from Dumaguete to Bayawan (2.5 hours, 100php) which depart constantly from the station. At the … Continue reading Philippines: Paradise in Sipalay

Philippines: Cebu City & Bohol

After a quick hop back to Puerto Princesa, I was off on a flight to Cebu City, the country's second biggest city. It's so much more chilled than Manila and my journey from the airport to my hotel (Sugbutel, really close to the ferry piers) was much more painless than Manila could ever hope to … Continue reading Philippines: Cebu City & Bohol

Philippines: Dumaguete

My arrival into Dumaguete was a breeze thanks to my accommodation being just a 5 minute walk from the ferry port. Coastal Inn is a nice, albeit shabby, guesthouse with friendly staff and some of the fastest Wi-Fi I'd had in the whole country. It was perfect for my one night stopover in rainy Dumaguete. … Continue reading Philippines: Dumaguete

Philippines: El Nada in El Nido

If the Philippines has taught me anything it's to expect the unexpected, more so than any other place I've been too. And this was probably best embodied in El Nido, a stunning paradise where I was to spend New Year. Sun, sea, sand, island hopping and relaxation awaited me. The reality was very different. Someone … Continue reading Philippines: El Nada in El Nido

Philippines: Puerto Princesa

I wasn't taking any chances. My flight to Puerto Princesa was at 5.20am on 28th December. I arrived at Ninoy Airport at 9pm on 27th December. A gruelling 8 hour wait awaited me in an airport whose Wi-Fi takes slow to whole new levels. But I didn't care. I was leaving Manila and it'd be … Continue reading Philippines: Puerto Princesa