Jaipur: The Pink City

My bus to Jaipur wasn't until 11.30am and there wasn't anything else I wanted to see in Agra (to be honest, I just wanted to leave) so I was able to have a relaxed start to the day. Because I was the only guest in the hotel, I was able to have a later check-out … Continue reading Jaipur: The Pink City

India: Fatehpur Sikri – The Long Way Round

I had two main objectives today: first was to sort out my transport to Jaipur for tomorrow and second was to make it to Fatehpur Sikri. I achieved them both, though the latter came with an assortment of obstacles, which seems to have been a recurring theme during this trip. I'd looked on the RTSRC … Continue reading India: Fatehpur Sikri – The Long Way Round

Hong Kong: Beach Hopping in Sai Wan

Life's been a bit more hectic recently, hence the lack of updates on the blog (though procrastination has come in the form of sprucing the site up and giving it a new look). I actually have to knuckle down and study for my degree (can you imagine?!). However, the allure of one of Hong Kong's … Continue reading Hong Kong: Beach Hopping in Sai Wan

India: Desert Trekking in Jaisalmer

I hate the term 'must do' when I visit a place. I don't really like people telling me I 'must do' this or 'must see' that when I go somewhere because travelling is such a personal thing. However, when I was in Jaisalmer, Rajasthan earlier this year, I indulged in one of these must-dos - … Continue reading India: Desert Trekking in Jaisalmer

Hong Kong: Hiking Again

Things have quietened down a bit now for me in Hong Kong as I've actually got to settle down and do what I came for (apparently it's studying; I beg to differ) but life is still eventful. I experienced my first ever Halloween in a foreign country this weekend, as well as a couple of … Continue reading Hong Kong: Hiking Again